Monday, February 7, 2011

Bend and Snap

We went to San Antonio a few weekends ago to see Legally Blonde the Musical. It was supposed to be Chris, Charleah and Me, but Chris got an opportunity he couldn't refuse so he didn't get to go.

We left on Friday night and drove to San Antonio and stayed in the Doubletree Hotel. (Where we didn't get our cookie.) 

On Saturday, I navigated us through San Antonio sans directions. Which I am pretty proud of. I only drove the wrong way down a one way street once. First we stopped at The Alamo. Or as I call it, the Fake-lmo. Only because it isn't the real Alamo, but a replica which is passed off as the real thing. But it is still Texas history. 

 Then onto the show! The theater is really pretty inside. The set up makes it look like you are sitting outside. The show was fantastic. It was not as good as Wicked, but I enjoyed it. I have been listening to the soundtrack a lot the last two weeks. 

Then we went to the Riverwalk and ate at Rio Rio. It was okay; I probably wouldn't eat there again. But it was cool to eat on a table right on the Riverwalk. Our waiter was nice and kept calling us Sweetie. 

And then we came home! It was a long drive but we finally made it home the same night. It was a fun weekend. Next time I make a road trip, I will make sure Chris is with me. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everything is Bigger in Texas?

I had my first snow day as a teacher on Friday. There was snow that we were promised all week long. But I wasn't really sure if it was going to show up.

As you can see, it finally did. There was so much snow, I think all the schools in/near/around Houston were closed. At first Navasota was just going to start late, but then I got the phone call at 6:45 that school was cancelled. Which just means we get to make it up later in the year.

Seriously. This was it. There was more up North in Navasota, but not much here. But some of the freeways were closed and the overpasses and there were tons of accidents. Not because the snow/ice was that bad, but because Texans can drive through anything! Not really. I imagine that there were lots of arrogant Texans on the road who figured their truck would not be affected by the ice. 

So this was our snow day. And we didn't even get to build a snowman. But I'll live. 

And today, it got up into the 70s. That's south central Texas for you.