Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I've survived

I have made it through my first three days of school! Little celebration there. Only two days left of the week.

Everything is going better than last year. I feel better than last year. I am less frustrated and less effected by misbehavior. So I am leaving school happier. Happy Randi=Happy Randi. I just repeat my instructions and expectations, use my rain stick and move on. I did pull out a seating chart for one of my classes today, and that helped tremendously. Tomorrow we get to practice walking in the hallway and coming back into the classroom without talking. Yeah for the first week of school!

My feet do hurt. They are basically killing me at the end of the day. Because I am such an awesome teacher, I never sit while students are in the classroom. I am always walking around. So, my feet have to get used to being used again.

And I have been so busy. I am not getting a lot of stuff done at school because I want to try to leave at a decent hour. I refuse to stay up there too long after school. I need a mental break from the building.

But I have decided that this year will be a good year. And I am going to at least make it to the end of September before I break down and cry.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The New School Year

Welcome to my classroom! It is finally mostly done. There are only a few things to touch up. I think it is better than last year and I love it. 

Tonight was Meet the Teacher night and most of the kids commented that they liked my room, which makes me happy. I think it feels open and inviting. 

This is my absent wall. I have a student job to maintain these folder.
Shot from the front of my classroom. I am trying groups this year. I am hoping that I have a group of kids that it works with. Notice the ceiling. I made tissue flowers which are hanging everywhere. Those are my favorite.

Shot from the size of my classroom.

My permanent word wall. This is another favorite.

My current word wall where all the words will start.

Thank you to Mom and Sammie and Jannette for helping me with lots of stuff. Only 3 days to the first day of school!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


1. I banged my head really hard on something today. I literally have a bump. And it hurts.

2. Today was my first day back at work. We had inservice and I have 6 more days to get my classroom ready until students come.

3. I have read 3 zombie books this summer. And working on a fourth. They are pretty fascinating. I had a student ask me last year if I thought I would survive a zombie attack. I thought, "Zombie's aren't cool." Well, they are pretty interesting. I think they are my favorite supernatural creature. And Chris and I started watching The Walking Dead, which I love.

4. My classroom is going to be so awesome this year, decoration wise. I will take pictures when it is done. I am counting on a few people (Charleah, Sammie, and Jannette) to come help me decorate. Not all of those people may know they are helping yet. 

5. Refrigerator