Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Stand by Stephen King

I realized that I never posted my new years resolutions on this blog. One of them was to read 20,000 pages this year. I chose pages instead of books so that I wouldn't look at big books and think that it would take too long to get through them.

On July 6, I have read just over 6,000 pages. Not close to where I should be. But some things have changed since the beginning of the year and I probably won't make 20,000 pages for the year.

But, this book gave me 1,153 pages to add to my total. I am pretty sure it is the longest book I have ever read. It took me 2 weeks and 3 days to complete it.

And I hated it. I realized this when I got around page 600. I didn't want to read it anymore, but I was so far into it! It had taken a creepy turn. I really wanted to read another Stephen King book after reading 11/22/63 but I didn't want it to be horror.

The Stand wasn't really a horror. There were some parts that I just didn't like. And now that I am pregnant, anything I am watching/reading/doing before bed is what I dream about that night. So I had to stop reading this book before bed or I would have dreams that were too crazy and just creepy.

Here's the story: A superflu wipes out the world population except for maybe one or two people per town. These people start to gather together and as they do, they all start to have the same type of dreams. Dreams with an old woman in Nebraska (the good) and dreams with a dark man in the west (the bad). As they have these dreams, all the people choose sides. Eventually it was supposed to be some big, end-of-the-world show down between the two sides.

So I wouldn't recommend it.