Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michael Buble

I think this song is really old, but I kind of just discovered it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Adison Part Two

We got to talk to Adison today. He left the MTC today to go to Argentina and called us while he was on his layover in Georgia. So close!

Adison has always been the most amazing person. He has been my little brother his entire life.

Today, he was still Adison but just by talking to him I could tell how different he is. Really just Adison enhanced.

This is the Adison quote of the day. A lot different from "my middle name is..." or "I want to die in a rocking chair with a full belly."

"Faith leads to miracles. Obedience leads to blessings."

Basically, he will be a great missionary. There will be none greater.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confessions Thursday

I can't crack eggs. Or I hate doing it. Or a bit a both.

They never crack very easily for me and I usually end up with a piece of shell falling in. (Don't worry, I usually get it out. One time I didn't and I am the one who got the brownie with the shell in it.)

Related to eggs, I can't flip them very well. Using my last time cooking eggs as an example, I have a 33% chance of the yolk not breaking when making overeasy eggs.

Monday, March 22, 2010


This is a post from the town my family used to live in. It was a town of about 500 people. Rural is an overstatement. But that doesn't excuse the poor grammar-especially to get people to join a group listed under "education."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh My Goodness

So there was this post on this blog about how the writer did not define herself as a feminist because... she doesn't agree with equality or something like that.

I know that everyone is entitled to sharing their opinion. Just read comments on a blogpost (especially controversial ones) and you get some entertaining results.

But sometimes it isn't entertaining; it is infuriating.

With the original post, I don't have too much problem with. It sounded like she just doesn't understand what equality and feminism are.

But with the comments. Oh My. (Hence the title.)

Here's a particularly bad one.

I don't get the "feminist movement". Really? In the last 100 years or so, we've decided there needs to be a movement...do we really think women were SO bad off before? No! We were, for the most part, right were we wanted to be. Supposed to be! I don't believe my husband is my equal, I believe I am HIS helper but he treats me with respect, loves me and consults me on almost everything. 

First the good: Her husband treats her with respect, loves her and consults with her.

But really? So before, women didn't want to vote, go to college, or be in certain professions. And now woman don't want to earn as much as men doing the same exact job. If a hundred years ago woman wanted to be in the place they were in, we still wouldn't be able to vote. That's why change happens. People decide they don't like they way things are, and do something to change it.

And then, "I don't believe my husband is my equal, I believe I am HIS helper."

I am so grateful for a husband who sees me as his equal and doesn't let me think any other way. That does not mean we are the same. We are different, no doubt. But that doesn't mean we aren't equal. One plus One Equals Two. But One plus One is not the same as Two. And I believe that I am my husband's helper, but he is also mine.

I bet that if this woman's husband is as great as she said he is, he wouldn't let her describe herself as not his equal, I hope.

I could go on and on. There was a plethora of stupidity. But I'll stop here.

I know that to a lot of people, the word feminist has a bad connotation. And maybe some feminists go to the extreme. But I consider myself a feminist because I do believe that all woman should be treated equal and should be given equal rights. And as a feminist I can choose whatever career I want. I can be a lawyer, a teacher or a stay at home mom. That is my right.

I think the original poster was just thinking about herself and her world. And while in America woman aren't treated as equal as they should, we don't have it the worst. Go to a place like Saudi Arabia and tell those woman that they are exactly where they want to be. Maybe a few are, but I can't imagine that some of them wouldn't love to be treated more equally.

I know life isn't fair and it never will be. But that doesn't mean we knock those who try to make a difference.

Don't Mess Up

A few weeks ago in our primary class I said prosperity instead of posterity. The difference of a few letters. 

The kids remember it still. And every week they have to make some comment about how they want Abraham's blessings of prosperity.

If you are teaching 9 and 10 year olds, make sure not to mess up. They will remember it and rub it in your face forever!

Now I am off to practice a song for choir. This might be my first week playing piano if I work up the courage to say yes. Playing piano for choir is one of the scariest things I might ever have to do.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am going to assume that everyone who reads my blog is not a smoker. If you are, stop now. I find it one of the disgusting habits ever. I realize that it is addicting. What's better: Death? or Smoking? Having Money? Or spending money on cigarettes?

Last week Chris and I were on a bus to take us back to our car after the rodeo. One of the guys who was directing the buses stops to light up and continues directing. Not really a big deal, but he was working. Could he really not wait another hour before he lit up?

And then last Saturday we ran into someone we know who smokes and she smelled so bad. I could hardly stand next to her and I could still smell smoke after we left the store 15 minutes later.

Then I saw these ads online. They are non-smoking ads. I don't know if they affect anyone who smokes, but maybe it will have someone think twice about lighting up.

Also, if you are a teenage who only does it because your friends smoke, that is a stupid reason. In ten years (or less) you will wish you never had done it.

The Sleeping Giant

I am waking Chris up right now.

"Chris, I am hungry and I can't eat until you are awake."

"I am getting up."

One minute later: "Chris it is time to get up."

"Stop, I still have a piece left in there."


"I still have a piece."

Still trying to wake him up.

"I'm going to pee on you." (He wasn't sleep talking for that one. He was totally awake.) But now he is back asleep.

"Stop trying to take a piece of me." Back asleep.

He's awake. Well, he is at least out of bed. Hope I was able to entertain you this morning.

Friday, March 19, 2010


To the current owners of our future house,

Could you plant some strawberries now please? Because it takes a few years for the plant to produce the fruit and I would like to have my own strawberries as soon as possible.

Also, plant a peach tree.


The people who will buy your house

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chris is funny

He locked himself out of the house today.

And he had a key on his key ring.

No matter what he says, it was only for about 7 minutes. Then I got our of the shower and realized why Kali was barking.

I was like "Why did you lock yourself out? Don't you have the key?"

"No." He looks down at his keys and sees it. "Well, I didn't know I had it."

To be fair, earlier I had talked about taking the house key off. But I took the key from somewhere else.

And, he is going to be upset at me for writing this.

Confessions Thursday

I have a difficult time telling my right from my left.

I have a college degree and I can't do it.

Yesterday I was meeting my dad somewhere to give him something. I was on the phone with him trying to figure out where I was going. He sees me pass and tells me to turn right. I turn left.

You see, I have to use my fingers to make an L with each hand and the one that is facing correctly is where I go. But my hand was preoccupied with my cell phone and the wheel and I couldn't do it. So I followed my instinct, and it was wrong.

I don't think it is something that I will ever be able to overcome. My brain is just wired not to tell the difference.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


If anyone crochets or knits, you should check out this website.  There are tons of patterns. Some you have to pay for. But usually, there are tons of free ones almost exactly like the ones that have to be paid.

Also, you can find a pattern to anything. Even if you thought you didn't want to crochet it. Like a mug cozy, or a bikini and some other weird stuff.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jasper Fforde

I have now read every Jasper Fforde book that has been published. He is such a fantastic writers and the books are so funny.

He currently has three series. My favorite has been the Nursery Crime Series where Jack Spratt works to solve crimes involving nursery rhyme characters. In the first book he must solve who pushed Humpty Dumpty and in the second book he has to find Goldilock's murderer.

Thursday Next is the series that has the most books out. My favorite character is The Cat formally known as Cheshire. In these books Thursday Next is part of Jurisfiction, a group of characters and and Outlanders (people from the real world) work to make sure that books stay the way they were written.

Of course those really brief descriptions don't give the books any justice at all. There is much more to them to that and the only way to find out if you'll like them yourself is to read them.

Here are some quotes from on of the books.

"'…Tell me, has anything odd happened to you recently?
'What do you mean, odd?'
'Unusual. Deviating from the customary. Something outside the usual parameters of normalcy. An occurrence of unprecedented weird.' " (Lost in a Good Book)

"How fishy on the fishiness scale? Ten is a stickleback and one is a whale shark."
"A whale isn't a fish, Thursday."
"A whale shark is--sort of."
"All right, it's as fishy as a crayfish."
"A crayfish isn't a fish."
"A starfish, then."
"Still not a fish."
"This is a very odd conversation, Thursday." (Lost in a Good Book)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I know where I got everything in my scrapbook stash. It is one of those things that my memory can remember. But one thing is bothering me.

For example, I got this at the Sassafras warehouse sale last summer. It was free with purchase. 

I got this at the Making Memories Warehouse Sale last fall.

But I can't remember where I got this! Charleah found it in my stash a few months ago and it bothered me then. Well, I saw it again tonight and it reminded me of my frustration. I think I might have got it free with purchase somewhere- because it is not something I would buy myself. These are too expensive.

I know. I'm weird.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I think I am weird sometimes. Like on TV, I am against some of the obvious couples who are supposed to be together.

Example One: Glee

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't want these two together? I think so. He should stay with his wife! I know she was crazy and she faked a pregnancy. But she thought that will was going to leave her! She did it to bring them closer together. When you think of it that way, they should try to work it out. She should get some professional help, but they should work it out.

Example Two: Psych

I just don't buy it. I think Juliet should end up with Gus or Lassiter.  I know, I'm weird. Although, I think that I can eventually get behind this romance. Just not yet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Children of Men

I have been interested in this book when I first saw the trailer of the movie years ago. It seemed interesting. It was the world several years from now and no one was able to have children anymore. However, a woman eventually gets pregnant. I don't know the details of the movie, but the book takes place in 2021 and the last child was born in 1995.

From the trailer it seemed that the movie would be more action packed than the book was. The book was very slow moving and I didn't really feel like it expounded much. I guess I wanted more background and details about the way society was.

This book is not appropriate for Relief Society Book Club. It almost made it, but then within the last few pages they started cussing.


I took a TEXES test on Friday. It's like the PRAXIS but for Texas. (Texas is awesome and has all of it's own tests). This one was for Elementary-Early Childhood to Sixth Grade.

I had taken a few practice question sets and failed all of them. I needed an 80% to pass and I got 69%s and 75%s.

I just got the results in.

And I got an 89% which is good enough! I am so stinking excited. This means that I could get hired to teach any of those grades right now if I wanted to. But I probably won't get a job until next year.

This is such a relief. While I would love to teach social studies and history (the other tests I have passed), those teaching jobs seem harder to come by. And they are reserved for coaches at some school districts.

Having this on my resume will make it so much easier to get a job. And honestly, I am warming up to the idea of teaching 4th or 5th grade. Primary is helping with that.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Resolution Assessment

Two months down already. I feel like time is moving faster. But here is an update on some of my resolutions.

1. I read 7 books this month. I am back on track to read 40 books this year.

2. I lost 10 inches, 6 pounds and worked out 19 times in February.

3. I made a present for someone's birthday. (Chris's sister's birthday is on Thursday, so I can't tell what it is yet.)

4. I think I cooked at least 4 new recipes this month. I did at least 3.

5. I am practicing a song to play with our ward choir. I am kind of scared to play with other people singing, but I am trying my hardest.

6. I got two jobs. I turned one down and decided to sub as much as I can so I can get my foot in the door and get a teaching job. So far, my first subbing experience will be on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully I like it.