Saturday, February 27, 2010


The other day I had a mini break down. I was crying to Chris and was saying how I felt like a failure. One of the things he said was "A failure is an event, not a person."

Well, yesterday Chris was saying how he felt like a failure because the bid his client put on a house didn't get accepted. I decided to use the say technique he used on me. Except I couldn't quite remember the saying. So instead it came out "You're not a failure, you just fail."

Not what I was trying to say at all. But it's okay, because Chris knew what I was trying to say and corrected me.

I've never been good at the remembering quotes and stuff.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Julie and Julia

This movie was fantastic; I love it. I know I just ranted about how there doesn't seem to be any good movies. This one definitely does not fall into that category. I love how it was so down to earth and was truly feel good. I am sort of easily influenced, so of course I now want to buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Of course, I am not ready to take on French cooking at this time in my life right now. But maybe someday. 

Up next, The Box. Which I won tickets to but never picked up. I don't think that movie will be good at all, but I really want to see it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Second After

I just finished this book. And it freaked me out a bit. It kind of made me want to get my food storage done NOW. I know it will take years to build it up, but we don't have years! Just joking. In the book, the United States is hit with an EMP which basically takes out any electronics/computers. The thing that freaked me out is that it is a real thing. And think about it, if we were hit with an EMP right now, where would you be? Where would your family be? How far apart would you be from each other and how long would it take to walk to each other?

About the book, it obviously held my interest for the last two days. I thought the story was good. I didn't like how sometimes it drifted from story to lecturing the reader about how unprepared the United States is for an attack like this. But overall, it did a great job at talking about what it would really be like if the United States was suddenly forced back 500 years with no technology and no skills to survive. How many people do you know can hunt and grow their own food? It also was interesting to read about how people would change. With no President or leader to go on television to pull everyone together, how would people treat outsiders? Those who would be considered neighbors before.

Basically, next time the electricity goes out for no apparent reason and my cell phone doesn't work and the car doesn't start, I am going to the pond to catch me some ducks.

P.S. This would not be appropriate for Relief Society book club. It has some language.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Layout and Card

I did another American Crafts challenge. It was to make a Valentine Card or Layout using at least two American Crafts Products.

Cardstock, Thickers, Patterned Paper, Pen: American Crafts
Ribbon: Pebbles
Here is my layout. You might have noticed a lack of Valentine's Post. That is because I don't really believe in the holiday. And this is my page about it. I could write more about it, but I won't.

I am really liking collages right now. I don't have a printer to print pictures on. But lets you create a collage and print it. It's pretty cool.

And I did a card too. Mostly because I saw the paper on my desk and decided to try it.

Patterned Paper, Stamps: American Crafts
String: DMC
Ink: Colorbox
Background Paper: From Hobby Lobby

It was night and I used my flash (gasp!) so the colors are not exactly right.

What I love most about these two things is I came up with the layouts all by myself. I usually look at magazines or blogs and scraplift, but I didn't this time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I took my measurements today. In one month I lost 10 inches all over, mostly in my waist and hips. Good, right? I am so excited for that. I have worked out 13 times in February. And it's like checking 13 things off my to-do list, which I love.

And tomorrow I start my orientation for substituting. One step closer to teaching.

Besides that, life is life. I don't have much to blog about.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Is anyone else disappointed with movies lately? Chris and I have gone to a few matinees in the past few weeks. We've seen The Lovely Bones, When in Rome, and The Lightning Thief. It's like people don't know how to make good movies anymore. Mostly, I think that it is because I need more out of entertainment.

I love books and I love television. Both give you time to learn about the characters and feel for them and watch them grow, etc. I love the relationship you get with characters in those two forms of entertainment.

Maybe I expect to much out of movies. There are a few movies that I am excited for about this year. Harry Potter, Toy Story 3. But besides that, I am more excited for the final season of Lost.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Toy Story 3

I totally forget that this came out this year! 

Monday, February 8, 2010


This is supposed to be orange chicken. This recipe is featured on Yahoo's home page for easy dinner recipes. Is it just me, or do these pieces of chicken look like weird creatures. Like something in a sci-fi movie someone would be forced to eat to give up information or plant a bug in them. Nasty

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Goingons and Thoughts

1. I lost 4.6 pounds this week. That is the best I have ever done in one week, and I don't expect it to stay that high. But I am excited for that number.

2. Teaching primary has taught me a few things. Mostly, kids pick up on and repeat what you say. One nine year old said today that Michael Jackson was born a black man and died a white woman. There is no way he came up with that himself. Another said he will never get married because it is the last day of a man's life. I know he got that from his grandpa who at my wedding told me that the always tells the groom that he is at a funeral rather than a wedding. (HaHa.)

3. Jalapenos don't scare me and I don't have to wear gloves when I work with them. However, the first time I ever cooked with them, I wasn't aware of the don't touch your eye thing. Chris and I were just married and I was making chili for a ward chili cook-off. After I was done, I touched my eye. It hurt so bad and I started crying which just made it worse. Luckily Chris was there to save the day.

4. Last night, I was reading. Chris asked me if I was done reading a book I read earlier. I was and he said, "oh, I brought it upstairs for you." Well, later today he gets the book about of it's hiding place. He didn't just bring it upstairs; he hid it from me. Didn't work, did it Chris?

5. Chris and I need to have kids. Kali has become our proxy child now that we live here. She is too spoiled for a dog. She is getting kisses with Chris!

6. When we lived in our first apartment, Chris decided to try to scare me. We just got home and I went into the bathroom. When I got out, Chris wasn't anywhere. I hadn't heard the door open so I knew he was in the apartment somewhere hiding. I decided to show him so I sat on the couch and started reading. Five minutes later, I wondered why he hadn't given up. I went in our room and looked in our closets. He wasn't there. Our apartment is so small, I gave up. I figured he must have gone outside. I went around to my side of the bed and there he was. Crumbled under the bed with the boxes waiting to jump out and scare me. But because it was such a small space, he didn't have enough room to get out fast enough. It is probably the funniest thing ever. He has such dedication sometimes.

7. Another funny Chris story. We were at Target. Whenever Chris and I go into the store to get one things real quick, it never it ends up being that easy. We don't get a basket because we only need one thing. But we end up with our hands full with everything we get. Well, I decided I wanted some peanut M&Ms. I couldn't find them anywhere in the candy isle. Chris was at the other end of the isle and found them for me. We were about 15 feet from each other and both of us have no free hands. Don't worry though, Chris has got this. He picks up a bag and THROWS it to me. I can't catch so all I do is put out my foot to try to stop it. Which I do and the bag busts all over the place. We couldn't stop laughing even after we left. (Don't worry, we paid for that bag and safely got another one.)

8. I haven't watch Supernatural yet this week. Not sure what I am waiting for. But I did watch Lost. I wanted to wait until the end of the season and watch it all at once like we did with all the other seasons. But Chris convinced me I would be spoiled throughout the season, so I might as well watch it. There is almost nothing I hate more than having things spoiled for me, so I gave in.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Is it weird that we will Tivo "Greatest Commercials of the Decade" so we can watch it later without the commercials?

Wrap your mind around that.

Also, someone in Canada got to my blog by searching my name. I don't care, just comment and tell me who you are. I didn't apply for any job in Canada, so I don't think it is a future employer looking me up.


Chris got french kissed by Kali today.

Kali is a dog.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Life

I was making a pasta for dinner last night. My mom started pulling things out of the fridge that I could use before they go bad. One was a gallon sized baggie of pasta. The conversation:

Me: How much pasta is in here?
Mom: Probably about a full package.
Me: Are you sure?
Mom: Yeah. The other night I made a package and a half for dinner.
Me: (Knowing no one but her and Dad were home) Who... did you make all that food for?
Mom: Me and your father.... I know I made too much.

I thought it was funny. She has to remember not to make extra food for Adison. (Although, I still don't think he would eat a whole package of cooked pasta.) She needs to ship him food instead, which is the only thing he requested in his email to us yesterday. But still, its got to be strange to have all your kids grow up and not to have to make so much dinner as you did before. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Resolution Status

I need someone to report to when it comes to my resolutions. So, thanks for being that someone.

1. Working Out: I started late in January, but I started. For the last two weeks I exercised 4 and 5 times a week. Um, yeah, I did that. It took me forever (read: 2 weeks) to actually convince myself to get up and do it. But I did, and I am not stopping. I hate thinking that if I had just started doing this consistently 6 months ago, I would be where I want.

2. Cooking/Not eating out: I did try 4 new recipes this month and ate out considerably less. I don't know if it was less than twice a week, but it was close. Living in a place with very few restaurant choices helps that.

3. I did make a present. But it wasn't for Christmas. It was for a reception my parents went to. I did decide on what present to make for someone, but I can't do that until the end of the year.

4. We went to the temple this month. I almost went twice, but I thought my recommend was in the car which I didn't have. So I sent my family without me. Turns out it was somewhere else all along and I could've gone. Thankfully, the temple is still there.

5. And we made a dent in our debt. Did you know you can write off a move if it is job related? Well, thanks to a tax return, we can continue to make dents in debt. We have really been watching our spending. It is hard, especially since I want a new digital camera, but we are doing it.

6. Piano- I play piano every week in church. Not as a solo though. Just in primary. However, it is helping me get back into practicing and being more comfortable playing in front of others.

This month- the working out will continue (1 down, 19 to go). I want to try new recipes, including a couple from The Pioneer Woman, go to our podunk library and check out books, and other stuff. February will be better than January.