Friday, December 5, 2008

Every Thursday

I work at 8am every weekday. I wake up at 7:20am. Never earlier, and usually later. (Never more than 5 minutes late for work). I hate being woken up earlier than I want to be woken up. I am not happy in the morning. I especially hate waking up 5-10 minutes before I have to get up. Of course I don't just think, "I should get up now." I think "I have 5 minutes left and I will get 5 more minutes of sleep."

However, every Thursday morning at 7:10am, the garbage truck empties our neighbors dumpster, which is very close to my bedroom window. I guess they don't know that someone in the apartment complex next to them has 10 more minutes of sleep left. Being quiet is not an option for them.

I guess I should be grateful that there are people who have "downright nasty occupations that make civilized life possible for the rest of us." (Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs) But why can't they sleep in an extra ten minutes and let me sleep.