Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two Loves Collide

I love the show Dirty Jobs. I also love shrimp. I think my love of one my have tainted the love of the other.

On Dirty Jobs this morning, Mike Rowe harvested shrimp. I had always wondered what a real shrimp looked like, but I never looked. What I didn't know couldn't hurt me. But this morning Mike had a full shrimp and squeezed the head off of it.

Here is what they look like:
Kind of disgusting, right? This picture will give Chris a better reason to avoid seafood.

However, then I see a picture of coconut shrimp, and I think I can ignore the fact that my food used to have little legs and log whisker thingys.


Chris said...

Haha. I am going to remind you of that every time we go to Red Lobster.