Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Contradictory much?

I love watching the show Jon and Kate plus 8. I think the little kids are so cute and it kind of makes me wish I was Asian so I can have cute little kids.

Anyways, if anyone saw the teasers for the season finale this week, it made it seem like Jon and Kate were getting a divorce or something. They would say things like "We are working hard to get through this," "This is a difficult time for us right now." Are they getting divorced? NO. Stupid TLC making us think something that isn't going to happen.

But they might not come back for another season (that is their dilemma.) I was checking on a blog to see if there were any spoilers on them coming back and started reading some of the comments. Some people are stupid like this one lady.

"She made a comment last night about not being "able to go back". Well it's not too late. Pull the plug now! Trust me, you all will not be missed. You are not that interesting. I watched simply out of curiosity. Please pull the plug on these people!"

Isn't that the same thing? "You're not interesting, but I find you curious." I am pretty sure those two are synonymous of each other.

So yeah, I thought that was funny.

Note: Ugh, I can't get the last half of this post to not be in italics!!!! I have spent so long trying to change it and it isn't working.


Tammy said...

I liked the show for the first couple of seasons, but then Kate turned into a "monster". She started just doing it for the money it seems. Which is a good reason, but I noticed she went from being "real" to being fake an kind of a snob. That's when I stopped liking it.