Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So I got my root canal on Monday. I am horrible afraid of anything that has to deal with the dentist or doctor. I didn't cry this time when I found out I needed a root canal. Last time, I almost had a panic attack.

When I was younger, I would wish that I could get shots and things while I was sleeping. My dentist has the option to be orally sedated. I took a pill an hour before my appointment, then they gave me two pills when I got there and then another one right before they started. Plus, I was on laughing gas. So basically, I was sleeping. I was conscious enough to open and close my mouth, but that was it.

The appointment lasted three hours and then I came home and was out until 7am the next morning. Well, not really out. I guess I ate and watched House and talked to Chris about stuff. I am still asking Chris if something really happened or if it was a dream.

I am hoping I never have to get dental surgery again. But, unfortunately I think I am cursed with bad teeth. Even though I floss!