Monday, October 5, 2009

He is Superman

Adison got his mission call on Friday and the family had a 4-way phone call while he opened it. He was being a card and was taking FOREVER to open it.

He was called to serve in the Cordoba Argentina and will report to the MTC on January 27. It is far away, but I am excited to see him at Christmas and in two weeks to go through the temple with him. He will be sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ for 2 years. I will miss him so much, but this is the most important thing he can do in his life right now.

Adison is an amazing person and brother. Sammie has already written a tribute for him and she is a much better writer than me and mine wouldn't sound better. He is hilarious and will always make everyone around him feel happy and better. I know he has grown a lot in the past few years and I know he will make the best missionary. Everyone says that about their brother, but it is true with mine.


Symantha said...

meh. I like your writing better.
I also tried to say he got his mission call during our "good news" in German and totally failed.