Saturday, November 7, 2009

Waking a Sleeping Chris

Chris and I work together at the same place. It might be the only time in our life we get to do this and I really love going to work together and leaving together.

Because we work at the same time, we wake up at the same time. If anyone has every tried to wake Chris up, you'll agree when I say it is not easy.

But it can be funny. Here are some conversations we have had.

Me: Chris, you need to get up.
Chris: I can't.
Me: Why?
Chris: Because Randi said I'm not supposed to.

Another morning
Chris: (sitting up) Her name was Betty.
Me: Whose name is Betty?
Chris: (pausing)...I don' t know

One more.
Chris: Why did you say that Gwyenth Paltrow spends $150 mkaing fake eyelids?
Me: I didn't say that.

So every morning can be a little adventure and peak into what Chris is thinking about. I don't know who Betty is and Chris had some explaining to do. j/k