Monday, February 13, 2012

Veracity By Laura Bynum

I loved this book. It was the first book I read in a while the I devoured. It took me 2 days to finish it and would have been shorter if not for work.

It is a dystopian novel. This society monitors everyone and controls the words that they speak. There is a chip imbedded in everyone's neck that shocks them if they say a forbidden word. Words like revolution, library, discriminate, and fossil are on the Red List. It is a police state and the Blue Coats have authority to arrest, judge, sentence and carry out punishments all at one time.

The book starts with Harper Adams running away from this society. She is a monitor and she works for the new government targeting people who might be dangerous. Her backstory is told every other chapel and we learn more about why she chose to run.

The book was suspenseful and had more background about the society than other dystopian books I've read. I was a bit unsure exactly how Harper Adam's job worked and would have liked more information about her and her boss. He seemed more important to the story than we were told.

For the most part, it is a clean book. Whenever the Blue Coats show up, it gets vulgar.

This book shows what society would be like if the government were to take all our rights. While it is an extreme position, I think we should cautious now when laws and acts are passed that limit our rights in the United States. While little steps might be taken to protect us, I don't want to see our rights slowly taken away.