Friday, March 30, 2012

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

This would be a book I would read to my kids one day. (10-12 year old kids) I loved it. Plus it has been added to my favorite books.

David's mom has just die and while he still mourns, his Dad remarries and he finds himself with a stepmom and a new baby brother who he despises. He only finds comforts in his books who whisper to him. When he moves into his stepmother's house, he adds to his book collection. These new books add a layer of mystery to the house.

The book takes place during WWII in England. One night a plane crashes at the house and David finds himself in a new world. This world is a combination of fairy tales with a twist. The way original fairy tales were written. As David travels to see the king, he meets lots of different characters.

The combination of all the fairy tales is what I love. Plus it has a good moral of the story, as all good stories do. I would suggest it to anyone.