Friday, July 13, 2012

5 on Fri

1. I leave for G-camp tomorrow and Chris leaves for debate camp tomorrow. Thus begins our 17 days apart from each other. I know that by day 5 I will be homesick and Chris-sick. I will blog some, but most it of will probably be on my new teaching blog, since it is a teaching oriented trip.

2. I bought a cheap ring so I didn't have to take my real wedding rings on the trip with me. I usually don't where them running or hiking because I am afraid I'll lose them.

3. I think most people have heard of Spotify. But downloaded about two months ago, and I listen to it almost everyday. I love finding new music on it.

4. I have read 41 books this year, which is exactly how many books I read last year. I only have 9 more to go to reach my goal.

5. That last one is a lie. I have actually re-read some of the Harry Potter books but didn't put it in my final count. I read them at least once a year, so it just doesn't go into the totals.


Bridget Rossi said...

It’s a brilliant idea that you bought a cheap ring as an alternative for your real wedding ring! It would have been a hassle to lose your real wedding ring on the trip while you were hiking or whatnot. I also wear a different ring whenever I travel, particularly when I have to move about a lot during the trip. That’s a beautiful alternative ring, btw.