Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Busy Summer

I have had amazing summers every year that I have been teaching. The first year I went to the east coast, the second year I went to California and a geology trip through Texas, Colorado and New Mexico. This summer is no difference.

I would be going to New York and Boston (for free) but another opportunity came up that was too good to pass up.

I applied and was accepted to the iSmart program at the University of Houston. It is a Master's program and is completely free. No joke here. I have to attend a session at the University of Houston in June, the same week as the free New York and Boston trip. Well, free master's outweighs free trip. This is an online program that I will be able to do while still teaching. In fact, I have to keep teaching to participate. This is the last year they are running the program.

But no worries. Because I was also accepted into an Exxonmobil week long teacher academy in New Jersey this summer. Also paid for. While I will be in sessions all day long, I will be done at 4:30 everyday. The hotel is directly across the Hudson River from New York. And I don't have to share a hotel room. So Chris and I are going up their early, we'll explore the city, and then when the academy he starts, he will keep himself occupied in New York until I'm done. If anyone can keep themselves occupied in New York, it is Chris. 

We were already planning on going somewhere big this summer. This was number two on the list. (Europe is number one.) So this is an awesome way to do it and save some money at the same time.

All this, a prepping for a baby. It will be a busy summer.


Symantha said...

Randi, this is AWESOME! Congratulations!