Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer Movies

I think this might be the best summer ever for movies, and it already started this weekend.

Chris and I saw Wolverine. I have always been a huge X-men (movie) fan, and this did not disappoint. It even had twists-which every good story needs to have.

But that is not the only good movie this summer. For the next few weeks, there is a movie coming out every week that I want to see. I haven't been this excited to see a movie since High School Musical 3!

Star Trek- May 8

Angels and Demons- May 15 (Loved the book! Much better than the Da Vinci Code)

Terminator Salvation- May 21 (I think I want to see this movie. I might have to wait because I know Chris doesn't want to see it.)

Night at the Museum- May 22
"Check out this Gancho action over here. Boom! Boom! Fire Power!)

And this is all just in May.


Symantha said...

Gun show action, Rannie. Gun show.