Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How I Met Your Mother

I love the show How I Met Your Mother. I love stories where everything has to fit together so perfectly and a lot of events that happen are vital to the story line. Plus it's funny.

I am so excited every time there is an episode that talks more about how the main character met his future wife and the mother of his children.

A couple of seasons ago Ted (the main character) went to a club. When he left it was raining and he took a yellow umbrella that was left behind. It turns out, that yellow umbrella belongs to his future wife. Well, in last night episode, Ted got that umbrella out. Throughout the entire episode the narrator (future Ted) talks about how one small change in life could lead us down a completely different path. The choices he had made within the past week had influenced where he was walking to and how long it took him to get there. He says that if those things hadn't had happened, then his kids would have never been born.

At the beginning of the episode he has the yellow umbrella and a girl taps him on the shoulder. I'm thinking "Yes! We finally get to see the future Mrs. Ted Mosby!" Then at the end of the episode they show her face.

Who is it? Stella (Sarah Chalke)- who is one of Ted's girlfriends and who left him at the alter. Totally anti-climatic! I like Sarah Chalke in Scrubs- but she is not the Mother in How I Met Your Mother. I will be so disappointed if it is her.

And I don't think she is. Future Ted never says to his kids "You would have never been born, because this person is your mother." My guess is that meeting up with Sarah again is just another step in the ladder that he needed to met his wife. Like maybe she knows the former owner of the umbrella, or her new receptionist at the doctors office.