Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol

I will be reading this book today. I almost didn't want to. This is a test for Dan Brown. You see, I have read all of his other books. And I might be a little slow, but by the time I read the last one, Digital Fortress, I could see his pattern. It was obvious from the first part of the book who the villain was. And all four of his books are practically the same.

He is an excellent writer and his stories are captivating. But I love being shocked and surprised and seeing stories turn into things I could have never imagined. And I don't think I can get that from Dan Brown anymore.

(This last part could be a spoiler, although I hope not. Highlight to read)

(And my hopes have not started very high. I read the book jacket, and I think I have already figured it out.)


Chris said...

I like your banner of us, but I had one first.