Thursday, January 27, 2011

365 days and counting

One year ago, Adison left.  This is almost the last time I saw him. That bag he is carrying is mine. It is the one he insisted that he didn't need, but I insisted I'd bring it to the airport anyways. It turns out his bag was too heavy and he needed it. You know what they say... big sisters are always right.

And then he went to the MTC. He was so excited for the food. And then a couple of weeks later he confessed that it had gotten old. And showed me in a diagram. He summed it up with "and one day you wake up and realize that if you have to eat it one more day you will kill yourself three days ago."

And now he is in Argentina. Where he he is taller than everyone by at least a foot. Seriously, doesn't this look photoshopped? I am pretty sure it isn't. He has forgotten how to spell and I would say he forgot correct grammar, but I don't know if he ever really knew that.

But he is Super-Missionary, so he doesn't really need to know those things to teach the gospel. At least not in English.

And while I am still glad that he is on a mission and doing his best and teaching the gospel and serving others. I am glad to say the countdown begins. 365 days!


Symantha said...

You beat me to it. haha I didn't know about the MTC food. And no, it's not like he knew correct grammar before he left.

Charlie Down Under said...

Since when do they say big sisters are always right?