Monday, January 17, 2011

Force-the-Truth Randi

Chris and I decided to get rid of our storage unit to save the $100 a month it was costing us. So I spent half of my Christmas vacation throwing stuff out, donating and refitting everything into less boxes to take back to Chris's parents shed.

Well, I didn't check what the policy was for moving out of the storage unit. I figured if we out by December 31, we wouldn't be charged for January. No such luck. The owner said we had to give a 10 day notice and I didn't tell him till December 30. And he doesn't pro-rate, so we would have to pay for all of January. But he said that if he rented out our unit in January, he would refund us our money.

Well, we weren't too happy. Chris more upset than I was. But he said ours was the only unit like it that would be open, so I figured it would rent out soon.

Fast-forward a week. The storage unit is down the street we live on. We pass it frequently. And we can see our unit from the street. Last Saturday I drove buy and saw someone moving into our unit! I wasn't 100% sure because I wasn't paying attention. I thought the owner would call us soon. But a week went buy and nothing.

Then my mom drove buy this Saturday and saw it again. So I figured either Chris or I had to call. I tried to call Chris to get him to do it because I can't really handle that stress much. But I couldn't get a hold of him.

So it was left up to me. I called and this was our conversation, after introducing myself.

ME: "Have you rented out our storage unit yet?"
HIM: "I have someone who is interested and if they come in I will refund you."
ME: "Okay, but I have seen someone moving into our unit this week and last week, so...what about that?"
HIM: "I don't remember; I'll have to check."

He calls back 10 minutes later.

HIM: "It has been rented out. I forgot because the lady originally rented another unit and her truck wouldn't fit into that side of the unit and so I moved her. I'll send you $70."

Now, I don't want to say that he lied. But, our unit was the only one left like it. And why would you build a storage unit where a truck wouldn't be able to fit into part of it (since most people probably bring trucks there) and I saw the truck, it was an F-150.

Moral of the Story: There may be liars out there, but I can stop them. Even if I have to deal with anxiety afterwards.


Symantha said...

Force-the-Truth Randi is a terrible superhero name. But I'm glad you caught them.