Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer 2011 Movies

I can count on three fingers the movies I liked in the theater last year and that were worth my money.

But this year is making up for next year.

And without further ado, some of the movies I am looking forward to.

May 6- I read the book and it was a good, short, fun read. I hope the movie is just as good. 

June 10. I love Kyle Chandler. Remember Early Edition?

June 17. Green Lantern.

 July 1. Transformers. I have blocked the second one from my mind. 
July 15. This one really deserves a post on its own. Also, I have you seen all the cool posters for it? It is so hard to choose just one. And, I am totally seeing this one at midnight. Nothing will stop me, not even work. (Because I won't have to work the next day!)

July 29. I love Daniel Craig. 

And these are the only ones that I am looking forward to. There are so many more that I can discover.