Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

1. There are 26 days left of school. I can hardly believe that I have made it this far! Not that I didn't think I would, but it kind of went by really fast. I am so looking forward to summer.

2. Speaking of summer, There are about 44 days until I leave for my history trip. At the beginning of the school year I got involved in a grant where I get to read good history books and go to lectures on the Civil War. And during our trip, we get to visit history sties on the east coast. I am super duper excited for that.

3. And... then there is my goal of the summer. I want to lose 8 pounds by June 7. Charleah says it is possible, and she is basically a doctor. It is possible it I make some changes. Do you want to here about the changes? Maybe not, but I am going to post a weekly status update of my exercise and some eating habits. I have decided that I can give 15 minutes 5 days a week to running. And then do some strength training stuff.

4. Chris thinks I could be blogging about him, so here is is 15 seconds of fame. I think Chris is absolutely fantastic and I love him. And soon we will be celebrating 4 years of blissful marriage!

5. I am really going to miss my students at the end of the year. They have made me laugh and cry and pull my hair out. But they are my first year and I'll compare every class to them.

Until next time... then we'll be closer to summer!


Symantha said...

At least, Charlie thinks she is just like a doctor.