Thursday, August 18, 2011

The New School Year

Welcome to my classroom! It is finally mostly done. There are only a few things to touch up. I think it is better than last year and I love it. 

Tonight was Meet the Teacher night and most of the kids commented that they liked my room, which makes me happy. I think it feels open and inviting. 

This is my absent wall. I have a student job to maintain these folder.
Shot from the front of my classroom. I am trying groups this year. I am hoping that I have a group of kids that it works with. Notice the ceiling. I made tissue flowers which are hanging everywhere. Those are my favorite.

Shot from the size of my classroom.

My permanent word wall. This is another favorite.

My current word wall where all the words will start.

Thank you to Mom and Sammie and Jannette for helping me with lots of stuff. Only 3 days to the first day of school!


Jannette said...

It was so much fun to come out there and help you put together your room. I'm glad I was able to come to Texas even if it was a quick trip to see you guys. Your classroom looks awesome!!!