Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I've survived

I have made it through my first three days of school! Little celebration there. Only two days left of the week.

Everything is going better than last year. I feel better than last year. I am less frustrated and less effected by misbehavior. So I am leaving school happier. Happy Randi=Happy Randi. I just repeat my instructions and expectations, use my rain stick and move on. I did pull out a seating chart for one of my classes today, and that helped tremendously. Tomorrow we get to practice walking in the hallway and coming back into the classroom without talking. Yeah for the first week of school!

My feet do hurt. They are basically killing me at the end of the day. Because I am such an awesome teacher, I never sit while students are in the classroom. I am always walking around. So, my feet have to get used to being used again.

And I have been so busy. I am not getting a lot of stuff done at school because I want to try to leave at a decent hour. I refuse to stay up there too long after school. I need a mental break from the building.

But I have decided that this year will be a good year. And I am going to at least make it to the end of September before I break down and cry.