Saturday, September 17, 2011

Constitution Day

Yesterday at school we had a lady from the Grimes County something come and read a book about the Constitution to our fifth grade. I was busy taking care of two behavior issues and the yearbook guy who came to talk to me that I wasn't paying attention all that much.

When I finally got settled, she was asking kids to name some people who helped write the Constitution.

Some kids raised their hands and shouted names.

"George Washington!" Yes he was.

And then two students said "John Adams and Thomas Jefferson"

And she said Yes.

Um... Not they were not. They were both aboard as ministers in Great Britain and France.

It isn't a huge mistake, but I think that you should always tell kids the truth. I try to never say anything untrue and if I don't know for sure, I say, "I'll look that up for you." But we all just assume that they were part of the delegation that helped write the Constitution and because we assume, that lie of history gets passed down.

They did sign the Declaration of Independence, but we weren't talking about that.


Symantha said...

You're really smart. Way to be awesome.