Monday, November 21, 2011

Root Canal

Yes, I am getting another root canal. Actually, a root canal re-treatment. Today. And it sucks. The last dentist I had the originally done at was in Provo.

My new dentist and endodontist (root canal specialist) have been very polite, but not so polite about the the original root canal saying "To be fair, it is a hard tooth to do and it should have been refered to an endodontist the first time." But then I looked up my old dentist online to see reviews and lots of people have had trouble with them.

The problem with my root canals (actually both of them) is the crown is not on the way it should be which is allowing stuff to get under my tooth and the filling of the tooth isn't in completely. It is kind of floating which just allows for more space for things like bacteria to get in.

But basically I am just really mad that maybe I didn't even need the root canal in the first place (because this place in Provo is infamous for telling people they need things that they don't actually need).

So, don't go to Provo Dental Care in Provo. They have a nice office and flat screen tvs to watch, but seem to not be so good at their jobs. I'd go to someone who doesn't have any bad reviews.

And I will be orally sedated again. However it is a little different than last time so I am afraid that I will wake up. I'll report back soonish.


Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound like any fun! Hope it all goes well!!