Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Death of a ... M.C. Beaton

I love it when I can find an author who has written dozens of books who I can turn to when I need something to read. M.C. Beaton is one author that I have found lately. She has two mystery series. I have been reading/listening to the Hamish Macbeth Mystery series. There is a reoccurring story line through all of them, but it isn't necessary to have read the books in order to know what is going on. I am sure it would be better to read them in order, but I just grabbed on off the shelf for my first one.

It follows a local "bobby" (a British police officers) as he solves cases in his small town of Lochdubh in Scotland. I love listening to the books because it is read with a British accent. I have decided I can listen to almost any book if it is in a British accent.

Reading this is like sitting down a watching an episode or two of Psych or Monk. Just a quirky mystery with fun characters.