Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Long, Long Sleep by Ann Sheehan

This is a retake on the story of Sleeping Beauty. I love fairy-tale retellings and just eat them up. But it also had a dystopian twist on it which made it even better.

Rosalinda was woken up one day by a boy trying to give her CPR. He found her in the basement of a building as he was exploring. As she wakes, she learns she has been asleep for 64 years. Everyone she has every known is gone but she the heir to her parent's company.

As she tries to adjust to her new life, she starts to learn things. While she was sleeping, the world around her turned apocalyptic. She wakes up to new technology, new species, and new vocabularies.  She learns more about what her parent's company does and she tries to understand why her parents left her. The more she digs, the more she questions everything about who she was/is.

This book had a love triangle (what YA novel doesn't) but it was different than the others. It had all the ingredients for my favorite book, and it does rank up there. I hope there is a second one.