Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Charleah's Bridals

I took Charleah's bridals two weeks before her wedding. It was really fun. I had plans to go all around Houston to get it done. I realized that I was making it too complicated so all the pictures were taken within 5 miles of my parent's house. It made the day less stressful. 

Also, people in Texas are just nice. (Maybe it happens everywhere) Several people stopped or rolled down their window to tell her congratulations. She was in a wedding dress after all.

Charleah is super photogenic. So I felt like every picture was pretty good. Add some photoshop elements actions from The Pioneer Woman, and you get some of my favorite pictures. 


Charlie Down Under said...

Awe thanks Rannie! :) You ARE a fantastic photographer!!!

...see I DO read your blog;)