Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers by Thomas Mullen

This is the third Thomas Mullen book I have read this year. And unfortunately he has only published 3 novels. Each one is completely difference from the others. The first I read was The Revisionists  which had more of a Scify feel. The second I read was The Last Town on Earth which was historical fiction. The Many Deaths had a mixture of historical fiction, and scify.

It is set during the beginning of Great Depression as the FBI is starting and the infamous bank robber gangs were at their peak. The Firefly brothers are founding members of the firefly gang of bank robbers and have just woken up in a morgue. They have bullet holes in their bodies and the police department is claiming victory for killing them. However, they walk away.

The book is divided into each of their deaths. They don't seem able to die. As they continue to rob banks "just one last time" before they go into hiding, we learn more about why they became bank robbers. And about their brother at home who is trying to live an honest life.

The writing was excellent. It drew me in and it wasn't too much. It seemed effortless, but I know that most people cannot write like that.

I don't know when Thomas Mullen's next book is coming out, but I will read it.