Thursday, January 14, 2010

GingerBread Houses

We did decorated gingerbread houses after Christmas this year. They were 75% off, so I couldn't not get them.
We split into teams and decorated them. You can decide which one is better. I'll even leave it anonymous.
First up. You can tell that the decorators of this house had a steady hand and creative mind. Look at the beautiful gumdrop wreath over the door and the candy-stoned walkway in the front. The house looks well put together and will stand the test of time without falling over.  

The decorators of this house, must have been in a hurry. It looks as if it might topple over at any minute under the weight of all the icing. Look, the Christmas tree in the front yard has fallen backwards into the house! Just a sign of things to come with this house. And what's with the candy canes? Is no one supposed to go into the house because it is so dangerous inside?

Which one do you think is better?


Tammy said...


Symantha said...

It seems that the decorators of the first, less-awesome house tried to copy the awesome icicles of the second one and failed miserably. And also, the candy canes on the second house are a welcoming archway. Obviously. Plus the first one is just too plain. That's MY unbiased opinion, anyway.