Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I read the book and I liked it. But the movie is kind of weird. And different. Of course the book was better, there is hardly ever a time when that isn't true. (Except with Nicholas Sparks books. In my experience (for the two books of his I read), the movie was better. Which is why I don't read Nicholas Sparks books, or se movies based on them.

I digress. The previews for The Lovely Bones are completely misleading. It makes you think it is about Suzy (the main character) helping her dad solve her murder while she is in the "in between." While the movie focuses on that a bit, it isn't really thought out well. I thought the movie had good pieces here and there, but too many of them.

If you are going to direct a movie, pick a part of the book to focus on and do it right. Don't pick every aspect and do half a job. It just ends up being an unnecessarily long movie.

That is another thing that has been bothering me. Why do all movies have to be soooo long. Unless it is Harry Potter, I really don't want to sit through a long movie unless it is at my house. I guess I am just getting too old.