Monday, January 11, 2010


Over Christmas we got to help remodel my parents house. In order to be warmer downstairs, Dad had us install the insulation. 

Here is before:

This required that one person get on a ladder and staple the insulation in. And the other two people, hold the insulation up with sticks.

At times, it was really entertaining. Like when Adison freaked out because his arm doesn't have the finesse Dad's does to get the stapler to work. 

Also, when we had to get the insulation up over the bed. We created our own ladder.

Sammie looks tiny, but it is pretty painful when she is standing on your back. Eventually we abandoned this method and I stood on Charleah and Sammie's thighs while I stapled, which was much more stable. We were rolling on the bed laughing at time during this part.

This is the finished product. I think we did fantastic. However, Dad probably could have done this all by himself in less time than it took us, that is how good he is.


Angie said...

Looks good! Love your people-ladder. If it were me, I would mess with them while standing on their backs and be like "HIGHER! LIFT!" teehee