Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Second After

I just finished this book. And it freaked me out a bit. It kind of made me want to get my food storage done NOW. I know it will take years to build it up, but we don't have years! Just joking. In the book, the United States is hit with an EMP which basically takes out any electronics/computers. The thing that freaked me out is that it is a real thing. And think about it, if we were hit with an EMP right now, where would you be? Where would your family be? How far apart would you be from each other and how long would it take to walk to each other?

About the book, it obviously held my interest for the last two days. I thought the story was good. I didn't like how sometimes it drifted from story to lecturing the reader about how unprepared the United States is for an attack like this. But overall, it did a great job at talking about what it would really be like if the United States was suddenly forced back 500 years with no technology and no skills to survive. How many people do you know can hunt and grow their own food? It also was interesting to read about how people would change. With no President or leader to go on television to pull everyone together, how would people treat outsiders? Those who would be considered neighbors before.

Basically, next time the electricity goes out for no apparent reason and my cell phone doesn't work and the car doesn't start, I am going to the pond to catch me some ducks.

P.S. This would not be appropriate for Relief Society book club. It has some language.


Tammy said...

This reminds me of the tv show Jericho. You should add it to you Netflix queue. It freaked me out for a while too.

Randi said...

That's what Chris said when I told him about the book. I think I am going to have to add it.