Monday, February 1, 2010

Resolution Status

I need someone to report to when it comes to my resolutions. So, thanks for being that someone.

1. Working Out: I started late in January, but I started. For the last two weeks I exercised 4 and 5 times a week. Um, yeah, I did that. It took me forever (read: 2 weeks) to actually convince myself to get up and do it. But I did, and I am not stopping. I hate thinking that if I had just started doing this consistently 6 months ago, I would be where I want.

2. Cooking/Not eating out: I did try 4 new recipes this month and ate out considerably less. I don't know if it was less than twice a week, but it was close. Living in a place with very few restaurant choices helps that.

3. I did make a present. But it wasn't for Christmas. It was for a reception my parents went to. I did decide on what present to make for someone, but I can't do that until the end of the year.

4. We went to the temple this month. I almost went twice, but I thought my recommend was in the car which I didn't have. So I sent my family without me. Turns out it was somewhere else all along and I could've gone. Thankfully, the temple is still there.

5. And we made a dent in our debt. Did you know you can write off a move if it is job related? Well, thanks to a tax return, we can continue to make dents in debt. We have really been watching our spending. It is hard, especially since I want a new digital camera, but we are doing it.

6. Piano- I play piano every week in church. Not as a solo though. Just in primary. However, it is helping me get back into practicing and being more comfortable playing in front of others.

This month- the working out will continue (1 down, 19 to go). I want to try new recipes, including a couple from The Pioneer Woman, go to our podunk library and check out books, and other stuff. February will be better than January.