Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Goingons and Thoughts

1. I lost 4.6 pounds this week. That is the best I have ever done in one week, and I don't expect it to stay that high. But I am excited for that number.

2. Teaching primary has taught me a few things. Mostly, kids pick up on and repeat what you say. One nine year old said today that Michael Jackson was born a black man and died a white woman. There is no way he came up with that himself. Another said he will never get married because it is the last day of a man's life. I know he got that from his grandpa who at my wedding told me that the always tells the groom that he is at a funeral rather than a wedding. (HaHa.)

3. Jalapenos don't scare me and I don't have to wear gloves when I work with them. However, the first time I ever cooked with them, I wasn't aware of the don't touch your eye thing. Chris and I were just married and I was making chili for a ward chili cook-off. After I was done, I touched my eye. It hurt so bad and I started crying which just made it worse. Luckily Chris was there to save the day.

4. Last night, I was reading. Chris asked me if I was done reading a book I read earlier. I was and he said, "oh, I brought it upstairs for you." Well, later today he gets the book about of it's hiding place. He didn't just bring it upstairs; he hid it from me. Didn't work, did it Chris?

5. Chris and I need to have kids. Kali has become our proxy child now that we live here. She is too spoiled for a dog. She is getting kisses with Chris!

6. When we lived in our first apartment, Chris decided to try to scare me. We just got home and I went into the bathroom. When I got out, Chris wasn't anywhere. I hadn't heard the door open so I knew he was in the apartment somewhere hiding. I decided to show him so I sat on the couch and started reading. Five minutes later, I wondered why he hadn't given up. I went in our room and looked in our closets. He wasn't there. Our apartment is so small, I gave up. I figured he must have gone outside. I went around to my side of the bed and there he was. Crumbled under the bed with the boxes waiting to jump out and scare me. But because it was such a small space, he didn't have enough room to get out fast enough. It is probably the funniest thing ever. He has such dedication sometimes.

7. Another funny Chris story. We were at Target. Whenever Chris and I go into the store to get one things real quick, it never it ends up being that easy. We don't get a basket because we only need one thing. But we end up with our hands full with everything we get. Well, I decided I wanted some peanut M&Ms. I couldn't find them anywhere in the candy isle. Chris was at the other end of the isle and found them for me. We were about 15 feet from each other and both of us have no free hands. Don't worry though, Chris has got this. He picks up a bag and THROWS it to me. I can't catch so all I do is put out my foot to try to stop it. Which I do and the bag busts all over the place. We couldn't stop laughing even after we left. (Don't worry, we paid for that bag and safely got another one.)

8. I haven't watch Supernatural yet this week. Not sure what I am waiting for. But I did watch Lost. I wanted to wait until the end of the season and watch it all at once like we did with all the other seasons. But Chris convinced me I would be spoiled throughout the season, so I might as well watch it. There is almost nothing I hate more than having things spoiled for me, so I gave in.