Thursday, August 26, 2010

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

This book was better than I expected. It is interesting to me that in ever vampire story, the author has a different type of vampire. Those that have to drink human blood, those that pick a human to "snack"on sometimes and those that sparkle in the sun.

But this book read like a very good biography. It went through Abraham Lincoln's life story; it just had some vampires thrown in there. I haven't checked yet, but I wouldn't doubt that most of the facts were correct, just not all of them obviously.

The story begins at the beginning of his life when Abraham first learns of vampires. His mother had just died of "milk sickness." (Which is actually what she died of.) But surprise, it was really a vampire. Once Abraham realized the truth behind her death, he became a vampire hunter.

I liked most of the book. I tend to like how stories have coincidences with real history. Although I think this one had a few more than I was comfortable with. But, I would recommend it.

Also, I listened to it on CD. Sometimes music would start playing in the background for no reason. It kind of scared me sometimes because I listened to it on my ipod while I decorated my room last week.

***I don't remember much cursing, although some parts may have a bit descriptive when vampires were being killed. I would not recommend it for Relief Society Book Club.