Sunday, August 8, 2010


It has begun. Usually before I do something life changing/big, I start dreaming about it. Every year before I started school, I would dream. The night before my interview I had dreams about it. You get the picture. But these aren't good dreams. They're the kind that keep me awake because I think they are real and I start freaking out.

So, I've started to dream about the first day of school. And I mess everything up in them. I don't greet the students at the door, I end up yelling at them to be quiet, I mess up in front of the principal, I don't know answers to questions. It's horrible!

Now, as long as I don't have to wake up early the next day, these dreams aren't horrible. But I know that the night of August 22, I will have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep because I will be so excited and I'll dream all night long of messing everything up.

I have a plan. It means not taking a Sunday nap. We'll see how that goes.

(My first day of inservice is Tuesday!)


Symantha said...

That happens to me too. It's quite annoying.

Kira said...

Hey we are going private, send me your email address so I can invite you.

Chris said...

Don't psych yourself out before anything happens. It never turns out like you imagine.