Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ghost by Robert Harris

I just finished listening to The Ghost by Robert Harris.

Since I drive about 80 minutes there and back to work everyday, I have been listening to books on cd. Which I love. I could listen to it all the time, but Chris doesn't like it.

Anyways, this was a book I wanted to read after I saw the trailer to the movie. It looked like good suspenseful story.

Here's the gist. A former Prime Minister of the UK is writing his memoirs. He is using a ghost writer to actually write his book. His first ghost writer ends up committing "suicide" and in comes the new ghost writer. I can't even remember the name of the main character. In the process of writing the autobiography, he uncovers some pretty sinister stuff about the former Prime Minister.

I probably would not have finished reading this book if it hadn't been on cd. I got more than half way through the book when I realized that nothing had happened yet. It was very slow moving and in the end I didn't feel like much happened. It could have been so could because there were lots of things in the story that could have been elaborate on.

One thing also annoyed me. The author would have long lists of stuff sometimes. Like one time the main character was looking up things on the internet and the author just listed the the websites the character was looking at. And I mean full websites with the .htmls and the slashes etc. Kind of annoying.

I have heard good things about Robert Harris and I plan to read more of his books.

**This book has language. It would not be appropriate for a Relief Society Book Club.