Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get Down On Tuesday

1. I am half way finished with summer school. With the students I was blessed with the last 6 days, I don't think I want to teach summer school next year.

2. I got told I looked like I was pregnant yesterday by a student. (Why wouldn't I want to teach summer school?) Needless to say, I made sure I worked out last night.

3. I don't look pregnant. I went to the bathroom and checked. I think he was just being rude. But I did let him know that he would need to learn how to charm women if he ever wanted a girlfriend.

4. I am going to read the biographies of the presidents. I already finished one, John Adams. It was 650 pages long. I told myself I would try to get shorter ones in the future. So I got FDR which is 630 pages.

5. I am going to groom one of our children (son or daughter) to be President of the United States. You can blame a combination of visiting DC, reading the John Adams biography, and re-watching The West Wing for that.


Tammy said...

So, you avoided telling us if you were pregnmant or not. You siad you didn't look pregnant...but you didn't say you weren't pregnant ;)

Randi said...

I did leave that unclear.

But I am not pregnant. That is for sure.

Kate said...

I remember you saying you were going to be president when we grew up...