Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rain Rain

One of my favorite things about Texas is the summer thunderstorms. For those living in Texas, you know that we haven't had those in a while. Well, one here and there. But not enough to make me happy. Or anyone else. 

This drought has taken its toll on some stuff. 

This is the pond in Chris's parent's backyard. From the picture you can't really tell, but it is probably about 10 feet deep. 

I saw this pond early this week. It has dried up so much that the fish don't have enough room to swim. Can you see the dead fish floating?

While I don't think this drought is very cool, I do find it interesting. And it is something I can use when we talk about ecosystems in science this year. For that I am excited to draw on something the kids have experience with.

There is supposed to be a rain in about a week. But I think the weather people just say that to make people feel better. It always gets pushed back.