Friday, July 22, 2011

The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady

I am not really sure how to categorize this book. I guess it is realistic fiction although I don't think it would ever really happen.

Chris saw this book in the featured book section at the library and said it looked like a book I would read. I went back a few weeks later to get it and wasn't sure at all what to expect. I didn't even read the book cover.

Marylou is 77 years old and and in the fifties was given a radioactive cocktail while she was pregnant as part of a study. The cocktail was eventually blamed for the death of her daughter years later. Now it is 50 years later and Marylou is seeking revenge so she tracks down the doctor in charge of the study and moves into his neighborhood with the intent to kill him. But it doesn't exactly go as planned. The doctor now has a form of dementia and she wants he to know why she is killing him.

Each chapter is devoted to a different member of the doctor's family. I didn't quite expect that. But I ended up liking it. The family seemed like a typical family that looks perfect from the outside but had some big issues.

Adult topics are covered. Not RS book club recommended.