Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pictures from Chris's Phone- Part Deux

One night we went to Best Buy and saw this. Two guys wearing spandex body suits. Kind of weird, right? Surprisingly, this was not the last time we saw something like this. A few weeks ago we saw two boys skateboarding wearing body suits like this. If you can't tell, their heads are completely covered. It doesn't exactly scream "comfortable!"
Last February we went to the BYU v TCU basketball game in Ft. Worth. We totally beat them and we waited outside with lots of other people for a glimpse of the team. Especially Jimmer. This is the blurry picture that we snapped of him.

The crowd as we awaited the basketball team to come out to their bus. It took them forever. Because technically the meet and greet was inside the gym and we missed that memo.