Friday, June 8, 2012


1. I have had a whole week of summer vacation. It has been the most wonderful time of the year. I spent two whole days catching up on chores and otherwise being lazy. But that got old fast. Now I've got some stuff planned.

2. We have been watching Falling Skies Season 1. Love it. It is like The Walking Dead, except with Aliens and less blood. I love TNT.

3. I have 12 books checked out from the library right now. And I want to read all of them. This is what happens when all the books I place holds on become available at the exact same time. I am going to spend one day next week just reading.

4. I am going to build some furniture with my brother this summer for our apartment. I hate spending $40 on a bookshelf that is basically crap and will fall apart. I would rather spend $40 on a piece of furniture that is made with real wood.

5. I made Chris a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake for his birthday. It was pretty awesome.