Thursday, January 22, 2009


I just finished this book. I saw the preview of the movie, and it looked interesting. On the book jacket, it says that Cornelia Funke is the third most popular author in Germany, after J.K. Rowling and some other guy. I figured it had to be somewhat good.

I thought the story was interesting, but the book was too long. Not that I don't like long books, but there seemed to be too much fluff in the story. I skipped a lot of pages and still understood the story and didn't feel like I had missed anything.

Basically, I did like it, but I wouldn't need to read it again. There was not a storyline that was very deep, but I guess I should not expect much from a book I found in the junior section of the library.


emily said...

Randi-- totally just found your blog from Brittany Calkins's blog. I hope you don't mind. :)

I totally agree with you about the author. I read the Theif Lord and thought the exact same thing about the style.