Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am going to copy Tammy on this one. It looked fun. Chris and I are a huge fan of TV on DVD. Sometimes it is so much better than movies. But here's a list of all we have

The West Wing- Season 1-7 (Complete)
Veronica Mars- Season 1-3 (Complete)
The Office- Season 2-4
Gilmore Girls- Season 1-7 (Complete)
Dawson's Creek - Season 1-4
Psych- Season 1
The Closer- Season 1
Will and Grace- Season 1-8 (Complete)
Supernatural- Season 1-3
Torchwood- Season 1-2
Grey's Anatomy- Season 1-3
Friends- Seasons 1-3
Early Edition- Season 1
Smallville- Season 1-3, 5
The X- Files- Season 1
One Tree Hill- Season 1-2
The O.C.- Season 1
Young Indiana Jones- Season 1
Project Runway- Season 3

So that's 56 seasons in all. And the word season looks like really weird now.
I want to own these:
The rest of Friends, Psych, Smallville, Season 1 of The Office (which I will only buy if it is $5 because it is only one disk), House, How I Met Your Mother

And I want to start watching these:
Samantha Who
Arrested Development
The British Office
30 Rock

This is a lot of TV. And the best thing is that Chris and I have made an agreement that our kids won't watch a lot of TV. We'll see how that works out.