Monday, January 26, 2009

One Income Home

Chris put in his two weeks notice at work last week. He is taking 18 credits and has a lot of outside projects to work on and we decided we could afford him quitting to focus on school.

We have both worked at the same place since we got married. It has been wonderful and will probably be the last time it happens. First he was my boss and then I was his boss and then HR decided that wasn't supposed to happen and he was moved off my team. But I still got to see him during the day and even talk to him on Chatzilla to let my frustration out.

At least he understands what SecurityMetrics is and what it does so that when I come home and talk about work, he'll know exactly what I am talking about without a lot of background.

He only has until December left and then who knows what we will be doing. We are basically open to going anywhere as long as we have a job.


Chris said...

I'll even wear an apron and be the male Donna Reed.