Monday, July 26, 2010

My Classroom!

I got to see my classroom this week. There is still another teacher's stuff in it, but you get the idea. I need some desperate help with some ideas. I am so excited to decorate it, but I am not sure what to do. The only thing I've got is a word wall and a welcome sign on the door and a small section describing me.

Does anyone remember their favorite Elementary or Middle School classroom? What did you like best about it? I am sure that it is mostly the teacher that matter when making a classroom inviting and comforting, but I don't want to have bear walls.


Kira said...

I always liked the classroom that had different stuff on the wall... Like the alphabet in cursive, so I could look at it, or math stuff on the wall... Just depending on what you are teaching. The room helped to make it inviting. I also liked lots of color :) Oh and you should ask Mauren... she is good at this stuff!

mauren said...

That's because I always wanted to be a teacher so that I COULD decorate the walls. :) You should pick a theme - I've seen apples, Harry Potter, colors, etc. Actually, my roommate is a 1st grade teacher and might have some other ideas for you, as well as some helpful hints on where to find good prices for things. I know one of her personal favorites in the Scholastic books warehouse. What grade are you teaching?

Randi said...

I'm teaching 5th grade. I have been looking for a Harry Potter poster, but not very hard. I am going to have a BYU section on the wall somewhere.

And I heard about the Scholastic Book Warehouse. There is a sale the first week of school, so I have to get down there somehow.