Saturday, January 14, 2012

List of Things

1. School has started again. And we are halfway to summer!

2. We had an assembly this week at school. As it was ending, the students were asked to repeat a pledge.

  • Presenter: "I"
  • Students: "I"
  • Presenter: "State your name,"
  • Students: "State your name,"
I don't even think they noticed.

3. I am still obsessed with reading. And getting more obsessed with doodling/coloring. In my free time, I alternate between reading and doodling.

4. My school half-year resolution was to leave work on time and not take any work home. And I have stuck to it 85% of the time. Which means I have a little more free time. Some things are not getting done, but they aren't priorities. Sometimes things just have to get dropped. I am okay with that. 

5. I got my hair cut. And now I try to grow it out again. Any suggestions on how to make my ends stay healthy will be appreciated.