Saturday, January 21, 2012


1. Sammie and I have been watching Revenge. It is on of our new TV shows from the fall that we both thought would be stupid, but now we are hooked. But I don't know when it is supposed to come back on!

2. I don't read books that don't use proper pronunciations. I have picked up a few that don't use quotation marks. What is the point? I might be missing out on some good books, but I'll live.

3. I got these shoes. I saw them at Target a week ago and they didn't have my size. And then I went later and they had my size. is my conquest of the week. And less than $10.

4. I started running this week. Again. Hopefully I won't stop.

5. I love the non-winter we've been having. Recess outside isn't just a break for the kiddos.


Symantha said...

I just want to know who freaking shoots Daniel.